Monday, December 5, 2011


Ti=his SM did not run for 2 years. The electric current is not going to the ignition coils and to the fuel pump. 

Due to a dirty ignition switch, the starter was not getting enough  current to be activated; a classic symptom on the SM. I have installed a relay with a button which fixed the problem. A very convenient feature to tune the car and do a compression test.

1, 2, 3 on the top and 6, 5, 4 on the bottom. Some cylinders did not fire evenly while the car was running.

A first compression test yield:
1 = 85 psi
2 = 110 psi
3 = 65 psi 
4 = 115 psi
5 = 110 psi
6 = 110 psi
Cylinder 3 has more than 25% difference with the best cylinder.

I've suspected the rings to be gummed up (Oil very dirty). I've put some WD40 in each cylinder and let it sit for a while. The trick worked; a second test yield:
1 = 110 psi

2 = 115 psi
3 = 100 psi
4 = 125 psi
5 = 120 psi
6 = 120 psi


benedetto said...

Was that white smoke due to carb problems? I own at 78 Merak SS that sat ... 12 years till i bought it... replaced all fluids car runs great but smoking similiar to your red Citroen sm video... what was the reason for that smoke.... background my carb mixture screws are all very out from 5.5 turns to 3 seems large? liquid in oil... any help would be appreciated ben

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