Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tune up check and spheres...

Last week I've synchronized the carbs and adjusted the mixtures. The points were in synch so I did not touch anything there. The engine is running very smoothly and the car drives well. 

The choke cable is broken; this tag helps a little for a cold start.

Yesterday I started the car to get the spheres out for check/recharge/rebuild. One front sphere was dead, the other had only 100 psi in it. The rear were over 50% of the pressure so we just recharged them. The welded main accumulator lost some pressure but it is still very good. David Cossit-Levy and I had a hard time to open a front sphere. It was probably crossed threaded and the beginning of the thread was damaged. We spent a total of 3 hrs to do everything and we broke 2 chain Wise-grips in the process. We've rebuilt the beginning of the threads with files and a Dremell but I think that is the last time this sphere can be rebuilt; it will be a tough one to reopen.  

I'll be installing the spheres today.


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