Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The fuel pump and coils were not getting any electrical current.
The blue wire on the right feeds the fuel pump and coils.

Made a jumper to start the car

Later on the ignition switch gave me trouble; I will have to hot wire the ignition and fuel pump to get the car running. 

This harness fell apart just by touching it.

Finally got the car started. This car had a tenant in the exhaust...
Mice love the SM exhaust and the console.

I did the tension on both secondary chains.

The cover on the A bank is a pain to remove due to the cables going to the BW transmission.

The B bank should be easy...

... actually not; a damaged thread prevented me to torque to specs. Someone added a washer to move the nut to a better spot on the threads. 

I have re-threaded the stud and added 2 new copper washers. I've used some aviation sealer to seal the threads.

The top washer was in bad shape; I've replaced it.

For future reference: The chain tension torque is 14.4 ft/lbs; the same for the bolts holding the tensioner. The cover nuts were torqued at 17 ft/lbs, which is a lot. It should be around 9 or 10 ft/lbs.

The engine is running nicely before even checking timing and carburetor synchronization. Looking at the spark plugs, the carburetors will need a little care.


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